Lockdown Case Histories Five

I had been working with Memory for roughly 6-7 months before lockdown. Our sessions were once per week and face to face. I had an unsatisfactory relationship with someone I was seeing at the time, compounded by a very complicated relationship with my parents whom I was living with. The lockdown definitely had a massive effect on me. It was very difficult from the beginning as I was unable to spend time with my friends. Having to work from home which was not very motivating, not being able to go to fitness classes to let of some steam. Being stuck at home with parents who ignored me and also going through a breakup. It felt really horrible and lonely. It was like being in prison.

I was glad that I had the space to communicate with Memory every week, as it really did help me to let off some steam and to refocus again, not giving up on hope when things got unbearable at home with my parents, also giving me the strength to keep going even when you feel that everything around you was falling apart, and also making me realise that everything is temporary, so there is no need to over worry about things. This virus definitely made everything extra challenging for me.

Although with time things got better with my parents – which was unexpected, and lock down was relaxed thankfully. Our sessions also helped me recognise that I was worth more and needed to be with someone who appreciates me and treat me as an equal.