Lockdown Case Histories One

Lockdown hit and my stability and routine went out of the window.

I began living in a very small house with a six-year-old! Lockdown brought up very specific issues for me, as part of my anxiety revolves around a feeling of needing to control and manage my own time and situation, as well as escape a place/ situation if I need to. Of course, those coping mechanisms werent available, especially during the strictest lockdown measures.

Memory was a vital part of my support during this time. Before lockdown and Covid, we were actually preparing to cease sessions, as I no longer felt the need for such continued therapy. But during lockdown, I needed all the consistency and outlets I could get and without hesitation, she offered me unlimited sessions until I wanted them.

Some weeks, even the thought of being able to have one zoom session with a familiar face was more valuable than I can explain. We both had technical problems occasionally ,yet she was patient and always reassuring. She often reminded me of the simple things, to relax and to try and have fun, even when life was incredibly stressful. I was constantly surprised by her flexibility she offered to use whichever software I felt most comfortable with, at short notice, even though it was not necessarily the one she would have preferred.

She varied the tone of our sessions, sometimes I think intuitively, according to what she sensed I might need. She is a therapist with a lot of integrity, and honesty, who is not afraid to challenge you once she has gotten to know you. She also isnt afraid to bring laughter into sessions, something I have always valued. And most of all, she is flexible and professional and never seems to be phased by the most complicated of sessions.