Lockdown Case Histories Six

Lockdown sent me into depression and the thought of working from home (shared house) was triggering anxieties. Having the weekly sessions was very helpful during this period that my grandmother offered to pay for an extra weekly session. Two sessions spread apart in the week helped to keep me grounded with Memory teaching me over Zoom some deep breathing techniques.

I loved these and if a panic was coming, I would remind myself to breath and even though it did not always work, it certainly helped. I also used Memorys gentle voice to remind myself that thoughts would come and go and it was up to me how much I allowed them to linger on.

We were told that at the end of July we were expected to return to the office. I dreaded this and again I felt overwhelmed. Memory suggested I talked to my boss and be honest about how I was struggling with the thought of going back to the office.

To my utter shock, in our next team meeting the boss asked if we had any concerns. Sheepishly I nodded my head. I managed to remember to breath while I spoke of my anxiety at the thought of going back to the office as it felt too soon. Out of the eight employees, six agreed with me and the boss said she would review this because it was important that we were supported and our voices were heard.

Its now September and I am still working from home. I stopped sessions with Memory as we both felt I had the techniques and skills I needed to manage my stress triggers. What is nice is that she reassured me that she would welcome me back if ever I was struggling or feeling overwhelmed. So far I am doing quite well and going for a first date in a few weeks since lockdown. My relationship with my boss and colleagues is healthier although there are still some difficult days.

My only regret is work doesnt seem to value our mental health well enough to offer to pay for these invaluable sessions.